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Pace Yourself Skates

These are designed for those who are looking to improve their skating distance and or time with the camaraderie of their fellow skaters. Be inspired by skaters like John Thurman, Bill Harrison and Steve Rogers who are amazingly fast for long distances. See how you improve each month. It's a challenge/race against yourself - with the positive, supportive energy of a group. It's more fun with more skaters participating, and cheering each other on.

Your choice before the timing begins ...
  • Full Marathon distance (26 miles)
  • Half Marathon
  • 1 lap
  • Or however many laps you decide!
Get your time - and see how you improve over the months.
Or, if indoor Pace Yourself is your thing, check out the Texas Speed Club which practices regularly at Playland Skate Center!

2020 Year of the Veloway Fox

    Prizes for HCIC Members:
  • Winner Full Marathon $20 & Fox Prize
  • Winner Marathon $10 & Fox Prize
  • Medium prize for 2nd and 3rd runner ups in both Full and marathon.
  • Smaller Prizes for all the rest of skaters who complete their selected distance
  • 6 Raffled prizes for other attending HCIC members (helpers, skaters, cheerleaders, cyclists) included who were not 1st place winners
    • 4 Playland free passes
    • $10 Inline Warehouse gift card
    • $10 Sushi Zushi gift card