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October Skater of the Month

Name: Katy Cassidy

Age: Halfway to 90

Nickname: My favourite one comes from my Aussies who were in my classes: KnM or KatynotMary since my first name is Mary and I had to clarify that I was "Katy, not Mary" on all of my online submissions.

Marital Status: Separated

Have been skating for how long: I skated for a few years before I immigrated to Australia 11 years ago. I didn't skate in Oz. It was too hilly where I was, and the hills ran to the Brisbane River. Some chances I do not take. I started up a few months ago and am still trying to find my routine to allow me to practice more. Having just moved back from overseas with two greyhounds and a cat, looking for a good job, and fostering other greyhounds, I'm a little frazzled. I need a straightening iron for life.

Equipment Brand and Type: My skates are Rollerblades. Quads by bison. Balance by Weebils.

Life Philosophy: If I had one, I'd probably be more focused. Right now it's just "Do no harm".

Favorite Time of Day to Skate: 10a or after work. I'm not a morning person. I run in the morning before sunrise, but I'm not with other people. That's safest. Keeps me out of prison.

Favorite Skating Event: Right now? Any. However, third Saturdays at MYEC has become a regular event. Aging disco queens, pasty hipsters, Donna Summer, and Kool and the Gang - What's not to love?

Awards/Competitive Wins: I'm not competitive by nature.

Biggest Adventure: That would actually be in running. I fractured my neck of femur in the Honolulu Marathon and eventually broke it completely as I hopped around Hawaii on rented crutches thinking it was just bursitis. My husband carried me over his shoulders in restaurants because I was too clumsy on crutches. And that event led me to get back into skating when I returned to TX. I needed to work my glute meds more.

Would Like to Do This Year: Get confident, skilled, and less wobbly. I'd also like to get organised, so that I can commit to Thursdays and Saturdays. I'd also like to figure out how to cycle to the Veloway.

What I get from skating: I just love the motion. Similar to how I feel when I can swim without turning or cycle without stopping. I love gliding, cadence, stuff like that.

Coolest Accomplishment: Finishing a full marathon (and right now it's my last) on a broken hip and losing only 30 minutes.

Other sports/hobbies I enjoy: Running, cycling, spinning (wool), doodling, stitching, skiing and swimming when I can. One thing I miss about living in Queensland is that nearly every school or neighbourhood had a pool. It was easy to find a cheap place to swim. Readin', writin', and 'rithmatickin'. I'm an adult with ADD. DO ALL THE THINGS!

Favorite skating gadget/tool: I'm too new to have a favourite other than my skates. They're basic. They're kind and forgiving to me. If I include all sports, my favourite gadget is Carmen the Garmin. She holds me accountable.

Mentors: Writing: Kim Wilkins. Running: anyone at the back of the pack who doesn't quit. Art: Kathy Steele, owner of Berry Austin. Skating: Nicole, especially since joining any group is the most unKaty thing to do as is attending social functions, so whatever it is Nicole does, she does it well. I'm so out of my comfort zone I need a passport.

Helpful Advice to Beginners: Learn nothing from me. To the advanced: be kind.

Favorite Quotes: "There is no reciprocity. Men love women, women love children, children love hamsters." - Alice Thomas Ellis
And something I read in a humorous blog post about Wholefoods: "I'm too poor to have dietary restrictions."

Katy Cassidy