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November Skater of the Month

Name: Jeffrey Mayoff

Nickname: Thomas, Thomas Rhymer - I used to be a professional storyteller; TR was my performance name and it spread to other parts of my life as a nickname.

Age: 41

Marital Status: Single

Have been skating for how long: 6 years

Equipment Brand and Type: custom 2007 Bont Vaypor boots & 110mm 3-point frame, Pleasure Tool abec-7 bearings, 100mmm Bont High Rollers

Life Philosophy: Life is too short to worry about what others think. Be who you are, and don't sweat the small stuff.

Favorite time of day to skate: Saturday morning!

Favorite skating event: Berlin Inline Marathon

Awards/ Competitive Wins: None. Yet.

Most memorable incident/ Biggest skating adventure: In 2006, about 350 miles north of the Arctic Circle, I skated 220 miles across Finland with 3 dozen fellow skaters.

Your 'why'/ what do you get from skating: I started skating as a fun way to exercise & get healthy again after a fire-breathing accident. That's on-going, but now it's also about maintaining focus, determination, discipline. Last, but certainly not least, I've met some great people in the skating crowd whom I never would have met otherwise.

Jeffrey Photo

Would like to do this year in skating: 2 Goals - 1) Learn to do the double-push. 2) Improve enough to do a 01:30:00 finish at the 2010 Berlin Inline Marathon.

Coolest Accomplishment: For skating, that would be finishing in 1:46:46 @ 2009 Berlin. Beyond that, helping a midwife deliver my friend's baby.

Other sports/hobbies you enjoy: cross-training on my new bicycle, fire performance art, skydiving, writing poetry, archery.

Favorite skating gadget/tool: my Gerber multi-tool!

Mentors: The 3 people that have taught me the most about skating - our own Brian Shicoff, Renee Coffman & Eddy Matzger (he did a workshop here back in 2005 or 2006).

Helpful advice to other skaters/ Beginners: Learn to brake, well, ASAP.. The slower you can do something well on skates, the better. Don't worry about how many laps you do at the Veloway - focus on learning good habits & technique; the long skates will follow soon enough.

Favorite Quote: "Every decision you make is not a decision about what to do; it's a decision about who you are." - Neal Donald Walsch