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June Skater of the Month

Name: Whitney Zoller Hyde

Nickname: Whit

Age: 43

Marital Status: Married 12 years.

Have been skating for how long: Took it back up 3+ years ago.

Equipment Brand and Type: Riedell Quads & Salomon Inlines

Life Philosophy: Life is for learning new things, being positive & having fun.

Favorite Time of Day to Skate: Tuesday Nights at Playland

Favorite Skating Events: Cheering on everyone at the Road Rash!

Biggest Skating Adventure: While living in San Francisco, realizing that I should've learned to stop BEFORE hitting a few SF hills on my new inlines; I ended up "stopping" in a couple bushes that afternoon.

Awards/ Competitive Wins: For now, I skate for fun only.

Would Like to Do This Year: Master the Veloway on quads and inlines. Time to conquer the hills!

What I get from skating: Feeling like I'm 12 and carefree all over again; plus, it's great exercise!

Coolest Accomplishment: Learning to skate backwards at 40+ years old, never could do it at 12.

Other sports/hobbies I enjoy: Boxing, golf, food/wine and traveling.

Favorite skating gadget/tool: What tool don't I like? Gadgets are my favorite.

Mentors: Neil MacPherson, Bill Harrison and the entire Veloway Gang.

Helpful Advice to Beginners: Take it easy, have fun, and always wear your helmet and wrist guards.

Favorite Quote: "There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning, and yearning."

Whitney Photo