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May Skater of the Month

Name: Sanghun Lee

Nicknames: Majin Buu (One of characters in Dragon Ball Z)

Age: 34

Marital Status: Married

Have been skating for how long: 10 Years. When I visited Seattle, I just fell in love with inline skating when I saw a group of people in a pack!

Equipment Brand and Type: Salomon Vitesse3 (7 years old)

Life Philosophy: Be passionate, whatever you do, wherever you are!

Favorite Time of Day to Skate: Anytime! Is there a favorite time to enjoy skating?

Favorite Skating Events: It�s been 4 months since I came here, but I love all the HCIC events.

Awards/Competitive Wins: None. I�m not a competitive skater. Joining the events are meaningful for me.

Biggest Skating Adventure: My first Texas Road Rash this year. It was full of fun!

Sanghun Lee Photo

What do you get from Skating:

    1. Meet great people who share something common.
    2. Burn my fat, fat, fat, while enjoying the activity.
    3. Pay attention to my physical stuff instead of mental.

Would Like to Do This Year in Skating: Inline skating with my 5-year-old son when I return home (he turned 5 in this month)!

Coolest Accomplishment: I will never forget doing a full marathon in the HCIC Pace Yourself Skate Race. I'd never skated a full marathon before. (Thank you Nicole!)

Other Sports/Hobbies you Enjoy: Social Drinking, Snowboarding, Wind Ensemble, Baby Care :)

Favorite Skating Gadget/Tool: Bearing cleaning kit, with plain thinner. I use industrial bearings instead of inline skating bearings. (I think the best way to keep them in great condition is cleaning with regular base!)

Mentors: All the people who love inline skating; I�ve learning many things from them.

Helpful Advice to Beginners: Please listen to your mentors' advice, and enjoy yourself!

Favorite Quote: �Life offers an opportunity, but the choice is yours� - Anonymous.