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March Skater of the Month

Name: Steve Lee

Nickname: The Professor of Pleasure

Age: 55

Marital Status: POSSLQ

Have been skating for how long: 12 years

Equipment Brand and Type: Powerslide boots w/K2 frames

Life Philosophy: You never know

Favorite time of day to skate: Early evening to sundown

Favorite skating event: The Roadrash!

Steve Lee Photo

Awards/ Competitive Wins: None. But I've finished every event I've entered

Biggest skating adventure: The now defunct Disney World Inline Marathon road trip with the Austin crew. Runner up: Katy Flatlands road trips with the Austin Crew.

Your 'why'/ what do you get from skating: The only way to stay fit and have fun at the same time that I've found

Would like to do this year in skating: Get in the condition I was in three years ago

Coolest Accomplishment: Having an amazing daughter.

Other sports/hobbies you enjoy: Playing music and seeing music performed live

Favorite skating gadget/tool: My lateral thrust angle guage

Mentors: Lynn Durkee, Bryan McKinney, John Cooper

Helpful advice to other skaters/ Beginners: Imagine the possibilities and keep trying; skate with people who are better at it than you are.

Favorite Quote: Everything is the opposite of what it is, isn't it?