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February Skater of the Month

Name: Mike And Kate Altmann

Age: 24


Marital Status: Married

Have been skating for how long: Mike -21 years, Kate -19 Years

Equipment Brand and Type:

  • Mike - Riedell 911 boots, Snyder Royals plates, Bone Swiss bearings, and Vanilla Backspin Remix wheels;
  • Kate - Riedell Dash boots, Dynapro plate, Bones Swiss bearings, and Atomix wheels

Life Philosophy: Mike - Live the dream; Kate - laugh at yourself, smile often, dress colorfully

Favorite Time of Day to Skate: We don't discriminate.

Favorite Skating Event: Playland adult night skate.

Awards/Competitive Wins: None.

Biggest Skating Adventure: We went on our first vacation together to the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, Canada. The canal freezes over each winter and they block off a 12 km stretch of ice for skating, with vendors selling food and drinks and renting ice skates all on the canal. We skated the canal every night, 22 km round trip. It was such a blast, we only wished we went to the university there so we could skate it everyday!

Would Like to Do This Year: Mike - backflip; Kate - coffin.

What I get from skating: Mike - fun and exercise, friendship; Kate - best possible date night with my husband. Skating is my happy time, with my husband, good friends, and all those endorphins, it couldn't possibly be anything less than pure bliss.

Coolest Accomplishment: Mike - coffin; Kate - San Antonio backwards shuffle.

Other sports/hobbies I enjoy: Mike - hockey, soccer, snowboarding, wakeboarding, water skiing, video games, working on cars, electronics, and woodworking; Kate - wakeboarding, water skiing, hiking, soccer, skiing, hockey, baking, reading, dance hula hooping, and working out.

Favorite skating gadget/tool: Mike - bearing puller; Kate - my hula hoop!

Mentors: People who we think have sweet moves.

Helpful Advice to Beginners: Mike - have fun; Kate - don't let your brain hold yourself back from trying moves because you're scared of hurting yourself.

Favorite Quotes: Mike:"Skate better" - Brink; Kate: - "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" - Eleanor Roosevelt

Mike And Kate Altmann