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February Skater of the Month

Name: Christine Fish

Nickname: I don't really have a nickname (that I feel comfortable sharing publicly!). :)

Age: 50

Marital Status: married (happily and to one of the coolest and sweetest men on earth!)

Have been skating for how long: inline since 1993 (16 years). I grew up in a colder climate (Indiana) where I learned how to ice skate at age 4 and spent much of my youth on frozen lakes or at the ice rink. Switching to inline skating shortly after moving to Texas felt very natural.

Equipment Brand and Type:
Boots: Bont ZX5 custom molded
Frames: Luigino Pilot 4x100 racing
Wheels: Matter Juice EMT F3100
Bearings: BSB Swiss Inline

Christine Photo
Life Philosophy: Life is a never-ending learning experience. Feel honored and humbled by each opportunity to share your gifts with others.

Favorite time of day to skate: early morning, but I usually end up skating after work in the early evenings during good weather

Favorite skating event: Round Rock Road Rash

Awards/ Competitive Wins: 3rd place in my age division at the very first Road Rash

Most memorable incident/ Biggest skating adventure: My first attempt at road skating in Circle C circa 1999 and realizing while going down a hill toward a dead end barricade that I really didn't know how to control my speed. I hit a curb at about 25-30 mph and flew 15-20 feet ending in an arms-outstretched slide onto a grassy median. I still carry the bent skate frames in my skating bag as a reminder and as an instructional aid to share with new skaters.

Your 'why'/ what do you get from skating: excellent cardiovascular work out; good balance; and great cross-training with cycling for cycling marathon events...oh, yeah, and I get to hang out with really cool people who skate!

Would like to do this year in skating: Get better at maintaining speed through turns. Last year the winter Regal Inline class with Richard as the instructor greatly improved my crossover technique. I'd like to build on that this year.

Coolest Accomplishment: Running my own business for five years. I met so many cool people who helped me to grow and make a difference in the lives of others.

Other sports/hobbies you enjoy: cycling; glass and stone mosaics

Favorite skating gadget/tool: hex wrench with a bearing pull on the handle.

Mentors: I've had too many to mention. Everyone has something to teach me.

Helpful advice to other skaters/ Beginners: Spend lots of time on your form. Attaining and controlling speed will be much easier if you have good form.

Favorite Quote: Recently spotted this on a bumper sticker and fell in love with it: "Get involved! The world is run by those who show up."