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April Skater of the Month

Name: Dan O'Neill

Nickname: Dangerous Dan

Age: 62

Marital Status: Married

Have been skating for how long: 15 years

Equipment Brand and Type: Custom Bont Zero's, Cado Motus Frame, Matter G13 110mm wheels, ILQ9 bearings.

Life Philosophy: Go with the flow.

Favorite Time of Day to Skate: Early morning

Favorite Skating Events: Silver Strand Half Marathon (November)

First skating experience: My first full marathon, Napa to Calistoga 2001.

Awards/ Competitive Wins: More than a dozen podium finishes in my age group, including at the Texas Road Rash

What I get from skating: Unparalleled fitness training for older folks. It's the next best thing to flying.

Goal for the year: Skate 100 miles non-stop.

Coolest Accomplishment: Skated 60 miles in under 4 hours on my 60th birthday!

Other sports/hobbies I enjoy: Cycling and basketball

Mentors: "Fast Eddie" Wachter (Tucson) and Roger Olson

Helpful Advice to Beginners: The best way to learn a skill is to skate behind someone who is good at that skill and try to mimic their movements.

Dan O'Neill Photo