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March Skater of the Month

Name: Jeffry Turner

Nickname: JT

Age: 40ish ;-)

Marital Status: Single

Have been skating for how long: In-line skating since '85. Growing up here in Austin, I roller skated often on Fri and Sat nights at Playland, back in Jr High days (70's) Disco baby!

I was also on the ice rink a lot in the summers at the original Northcross Mall on Anderson Lane, back when it had a food court and was a real mall, built around the rink. People would shop and walk around the ice and watch us skate. You could show off or fall in front of everyone...a good time either way..

Equipment Brand and Type: K2 Radical 90's... I know, don't say it.cK2 makes great skis and I'm loyal. Their rec/fitness skates are actually pretty decent...ok- comfortable. They're like skating in house slippers, ha! If you're more about comfort than speed than there's no better skate. I like the balance and the challenge of "pushing" them faster. Help me Neil? That's the only reason I'm switching skates after all these years though, is for speed. Having second thoughts already though, because that just means I'm going have to wear my helmet again :-( I will though and thanks Nicole, ha!.

Life Philosophy: "Have fun, or don't do it".

Favorite Time of Day to Skate: Sunset, dusk, and full moon. Ok, anytime really.

Favorite Skating Events: I'm tempted to say "the last event we had" cause all have been great;

  • Its My Park Day
  • SE Metro Park
Oh I got it, Road Rash 2010 or 11. Signed up for the half marathon. Ended up in one of the pace lines... that was fun - and blazing fast! We were a human train. When I finally asked someone, "Are we coming up on the half marathon" (finish), they all laughed and said "you're wayyy past that, just do the full (race) and finish with us" I bonked hard on the last lap but finished w/ a smile on my face.

Awards / Competitive Wins: Nah, I'm mostly a soul-skater.

Most memorable incident / Biggest skating adventure: Skating DOWN Emerald Bay Rd. at Lake Tahoe. Going up is so beautiful it's easy to overlook the steepness, then coming down...it went from whoa to WHOA" ! What the heck was I thinking? Dodging cars... yeaaa.

Urban skating, in downtown Reno, NV. at outdoor festivals was memorable. Also "Urban Assaults" in Dallas on Greenville Ave. Think martinis on outdoor patios along the way. Lights, cars, curbs, and people...oh my! Makes you a much better or hurt skater. Did we wear pads? Yea... we did back then, plus youth heals faster. Ha!

What do I get from skating: In the 80's - for fun and cross-training for skiing. 90's- for fun and cross-training for hockey. 2000- Now... Cardio (exercise), but its deeper than that.

For me it really is about the fresh air, communing with nature and the feeling of freedom I get. I lock my mind in to a rhythm, then "I" go somewhere else, hopefully connecting w/ source. And while I'm usually very social, sometimes I do get in a solitary groove. I think we all do sometimes.

Would like to do this year in skating: Improve backward skating to be able to control direction, speed and braking; of course without any injury to me or anybody else; Improve "dance".Go FASTER! Maybe learn the double push. Swap my K2's for Bonts. Pass more bikes. Did I say "go faster" yet?? Ha! Meet more fun-loving active people. Oh and WEAR my helmet :-)

Coolest Accomplishment: Sharing wisdom with my son.
A performing arts career in Houston Ballet, Ballet Dallas.

Living a four-season lifestyle in Lake Tahoe NV/CA for 8 yrs, where the bar is high for outdoor adventure: skiing/snowboarding, rafting, mtn biking... Think mule deer and bears!

Runner-up: Living on Roatan, ( a Honduran Bay Island, in the Western Caribbean) while getting my Open Water and Advanced Open Water dive certs.

Other sports / hobbies you enjoy: I guess I already gave those away... Love skiing, snowboarding, mtn biking, rafting, diving, skydiving... heck anything involving gravity, water or the mountains! Ha! On rain days, there's the ice rink or bowling.

Favorite skating gadget / tool: Huh?? A beer Koozie. Kidding! ( kind of) Ummm, Bones Swiss bearings. Always fast and little maintenance. That could be an advertisement ha!

Mentors:We're getting a little deep here. :-)My mentors are "heavy hitters"... ready?

  • Deepak Chopra - for his amazing diversity; from spirituality, and medicine to science (quantum physics)
  • Eckhart Tolle - consciousness and presence (The Power of Now, A New Earth)
  • Bob Stevens - conscious language
  • Peter Hirsch - passionate living
  • Peter Joseph - societal truths(Zeitgeist series documentaries, pt. 2 & 3 )
  • Jacques Fresco/ The Venus Project - worldview (solutions) "Paradise or Oblivion?"

What do you enjoy about being a member of HCIC:Playing nicely with others who enjoy skating, outdoors, being active, positive and giving the Veloway a voice - skate style. And of course colorful bead collecting from all those fun get-togethers.. Thanks Nicole ;-)

Helpful Advice to Beginners: Hmmm... appreciate the Veloway, its very unique and totally Austin since the 80's. Also, get comfortable skating rough pavement. There are some tips- just ask us, and it makes you a better skater, especially in urban areas.

Pad up, especially in the beginning or when trying new stuff- ex: skating backwards, new skates, or drinking while skating- Kidding! Come cross-train on the ice, it's COOL... and a blast! And come get your groove on in the black lights at Playland on Tues (or Weds?) One's Adult night, the other- family. Those wonderful obstacles (people) ha will make you a better skater also.

Favorite Quotes: "Life can be a rocky road. The challenge is not to let it grind you into dust but to polish you into a brilliant gem"

Jeffry Turner