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July Skater of the Month

Name: William Gooch

Nickname: Bill

Age: 53

Marital Status: Single

Have been skating for how long: 45 years, give or take a few

Equipment Brand and Type: Pinnacle speed boots, Ion 4x100 frames

Life Philosophy: We create what we believe

Favorite time of day to skate: evening or nighttime

Favorite skating event: Zugersee Swiss Inline Cup http://www.swiss-inline-cup.ch/swiss-inline-cup/events/swiss-inline-cup/zug.html

Awards/ Competitive Wins: I haven't won anything, and don't expect to. For me this is about having fun, not being competitive. The competitive aspect adds to the fun because it creates a challenge, but I'm not driven to win.

Bill Gooch Photo

Biggest skating adventure: Going to Switzerland to skate the 2006 Zugersee SIC race.

Your 'why'/ what do you get from skating: fitness, fun, challenge

Would like to do this year in skating: I don't have any special skating goals set for this year. I may go to Northshore.

Coolest Accomplishment: Completing the 2005 Houston-Austin MS 150 on skates.

Other sports/hobbies you enjoy: Rock climbing, cycling, skiing, photography, hiking, ... and many more.

Favorite skating gadget/tool: My helmet (especially the one I broke saving my head at the 2004 Disneyworld inline marathon).

Mentors: Nicole Fisher, Richard Littrell, Barry Publow - plus I learn something from everyone I skate with.

Helpful advice to other skaters/ Beginners: Keep the wheel side down.

Favorite Quote: Vivian: "Have you ever transcended space and time?" Albert: "Yes. No. Uh, time, not space... No, I don't know what you're talking about." (I Heart Huckabees)